5 things…

5 things we will teach our son or daughter:

Open Adoption Hoping to Adopt

#1 – Compassion. Be kind, patient and generous with your love.

Open Adoption Hoping to Adopt

#2 – Consideration. Think about others’ feelings and try to understand their unique situations.

Lesbian Couple Hoping to Adopt
#3 – Honesty. Find a way to tell the truth and Open Adoption Hoping to Adoptseek it every chance you get.

#4 – Justice. Treat people fairly and fight to empower others.

Lesbian Couple Hoping to Adopt

#5 – Determination. Take on challenges and grow with every opportunity.

A little pick-me-up

Waiting family looking for an open adoptionIn life and our day to day routines, sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up. Today has been one of those days for us. Maybe it’s been one for you too.

Maybe you’ve had a long week. Maybe you don’t feel well. Maybe being patient is starting to wear on you. Maybe you just need a break.

People told us before we started the adoption process that it was going to be a roller coaster. That our emotions would ebb and flow. That sometimes we would have all the hope and patience in the world only to wake up the next day and feel down. It’s true. It’s very true. But it gives us a sense of comfort to know that we aren’t alone in this journey. That one day we will be moms, and that it’s not a question of “if” but rather “when.” That fact definitely brings us peace when we grow impatient. It helps us live in the present knowing that one day in the (hopefully) near future, we will meet the child we are meant to parent. That it IS going to happen. And when it does happen, suddenly all of this will make sense. And all of the waiting will seem like it flew by.

This morning, we stumbled upon this image and we just love it. We hope you do too. And if you are a waiting family, breathe deeply, live in the present and know that your child is out there. And if you are a birthmother or a birth family, know that there are people out here who want so badly to love you and love your baby and be the best parents they can possibly be. Everything will come together and be so good so soon!


Looking for an open adoptionSo far in our journey we have spoken with one birthmother. We spoke with her once and, in our excitement and nervousness, made the mistake of not asking if we could contact her again. In order to reach out, you have to have the birthmother’s permission and preferred method of contact, which is totally understandable. We didn’t ask and, after hanging up, immediately regretted it. Flag this as a lesson learned as we move forward.

Though we only had one 30-minute conversation, we find ourselves still talking about her, wondering about her, and hoping that she (and the baby) are doing well. We think about how busy she must be with finals. We talk about how beautiful the weather has been and how she’s probably enjoying the time outdoors where she is. It’s strange, isn’t it? You can talk with someone for such a short time, yet they stay on your mind for months afterwards. Maybe even years. Maybe we will always wonder about her.

Birthmothers are such special people. They are daughters and granddaughters and sisters and aunts. They are brave women with incredible hearts filled with love. They deserve our care and respect. And when they contact us, we are so thankful. We want them to know that, even if we aren’t the chosen parents, they are not alone. They stay in our hearts and minds. And just as a birthmother never stops thinking about her child, we should never stop thinking about her.