In other news, we have snow

And Hattie, for one, is super pumped about it! We can’t wait to bundle up our child and head outside to build snowmen and make snow angels. And Hattie can’t wait to have a friend who will be as excited as she is to play in the snow. Hattie Dog


All about our dog, Hattie

Hattie, the rescue dogHattie is the happiest dog in the world. Her tail is always wagging, and when she wakes up on the weekends she knows it’s time to visit the park or go on a hike.

Hattie became part of our family in 2011 when we rescued her from a shelter, and she’s added so much to our home and our lives. When we work on the yard or go on adventures, she’s almost always by our side. In our neighborhood, the kids make it a point to stop and play with her when they see her, and she loves it. She is definitely a kid-friendly dog, and we can’t wait for her to have a new playmate!

Hattie and her ballHattie’s favorite food: Chewnola treats or scrambled eggs (her weekend treat)

Favorite place to go: Grapevine Lake hiking trails

Favorite toy: Kong ball

Favorite weather: Snow

Favorite activity: Daily walks