Naptime at our house

Jillian is asleep on Hattie who is asleep on me.


The send-off

Our paperwork is officially agency bound! I think there’s something really cool about the fact that we finished our paperwork and sealed the envelope exactly a year to the day of our engagement. It’s incredible what can happen in a year, isn’t it?

Adoption Paperwork CompleteAs we sealed the envelope, we stood in our kitchen and thought about what it means to us to send an envelope that contains so much of our lives into the unknown. We know that there is a birthmother out there somewhere who will choose us. And there is a baby that will come home to us. In the words of our Adoption Coordinator, “I know it can be a little scary, but remember your birthmother will find you and you will parent. It’s just a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if.'” Those words really touched us, and as we continue this journey, I am sure we will look back at these words time and time again.

We have faith that the universe will bring the birthmother into our lives at the perfect time, and that every thing that happens will be exactly as it’s meant to happen.

As always, all prayers and good vibes are very much appreciated.